If you’re reading this while sitting at your desk and wishing you were somewhere else, you’ll appreciate this blog post. We’ve gathered a stunning collection of creative resumes ranging from CVs on milk cartons to a video game CV you can actually play. So all you cubicle-drones out there, daydream no longer. Soak up the inspiration below and get cracking today on a resume that sums up the next-level creative mastermind you really are.

1. Robby Leonardi’s Interactive Resume

Interactive Designer Robby Leonardi’s job application must have gone straight to the top of the “Yes” pile when they saw his very own playable, pixel-perfect video game resume. Within, you control a mini arcade version of Robby as you navigate the sections of his CV. Makes a piece of paper look pretty lame, huh?

2. The Breakfast Cereal Resume

Have you ever been so bored you started reading the back of a breakfast cereal carton? Maybe that’s how designer Vick Marovi came up with this deliciously-innovative resume design.

3. Board Game Resume

Here’s a unique way to ensure your job application stands out: turn it into a board game. Designer Jenny Johns crafted this playable game version of her resume complete with game pieces and dice.

4. The UX Designer’s Website Resume

These days, it makes perfect sense for everyone to have a web-based version of their resume. But it’s twice as important if you’re a digital or UX designer. Vincent Tantardini’s magnificently minimalist online CV gets the job done in style.

5. Medical Packaging CV

We could make a joke here about how sifting through tonnes of resumes has got to be a headache, but we won’t. Instead, we’ll just point out how cool the pharmaceutical-inspired packaging of this CV looks.

6. Carton of Milk CV

The same goes for this resume on a carton of milk. Might we suggest it would go well when paired with the breakfast cereal CV mentioned above?

7. The Vintage Film Canister Resume

When you’re trying to land a job at animation powerhouse Pixar Studios, the bar ain’t low. It makes sense then that creative artist Brian Moose stepped it up with this lovingly put together film canister Resume. It’s got all the details you might find in one of the movie studio’s own film creations and, like their movies, the execution is as tight as the idea.

8. I am Jeremy

Jeremy Sallee’s portfolio slash resume site is clean, clear and creative. What more could an employer ask for?

9. Franz-Xaver Daublebsky’s Portfolio Resume

If you’re after a job as a graphic designer, it’s a good idea to have an impeccably crafted personal brand. Franz-Xaver Daublebsky’s is a nice example.

10. The Skateboard Resume

Lastly, the only resume on our list with wheels. Baptiste Chatellier’s skateboard CV looks so good, you could hang it on your wall.

What’s The Most Creative Resume You’ve Seen?

Seen a great resume out there? Let us know in the comments. And remember – we’ve got CV templates you’ll need to stand out when crafting your own resume masterpiece.