Before you embark into the world of social media, you should have a plan for how your brand will engage with your audience. No matter if you want to promote a mobile app or website. Proper online etiquette can save you both time and money. Read on for 12 tips for marketing online via social media.

1. Post original content

You never know what kind of material might have a viral effect. If you work in the retail business, think about sharing upcoming events, special offers, commercials, and online tours of your facility. Share your thoughts on articles and ask your audience for opinions.

2. Always create a marketing plan

Who comprises your target market? If you already have a customer base, start by noting the characteristics of your current consumers. Think about the personalities, age range, and biggest problems of the market. Which clients are happy with your product, purchase it repeatedly, pay their bills on time, and give you referrals?

3. Don’t assume that engaging with your audience on social media is easy

Interacting with your customers via websites like Facebook and Twitter is not a one-step process. You have to create a business strategy, put it into action, constantly monitor it, and tweak your plan as you engage with your community. Additionally, you need to be willing to continually learn because the online landscape is changing all the time.

4. Be consistent

If you post on Monday and do not post again for another two weeks, your audience will lost interest in your product. Your customers should be able to trust that you are actively listening to them. Set a schedule. Just as you should make time to post statuses and videos, you should also make time to engage with your customers and followers.

5. Don’t spam your customers

Spam includes emails, duplicate Pinterest pins, Facebook posts, and any other online communications that are disruptive and unwanted. Always get permission from your customers before you send them information, and give them an easy way to opt out of receiving it.

6. Take advantage of various social media outlets.

For example, if you want to educate your customers on new products, you can upload videos of seminars and product demonstrations to video-sharing websites such as YouTube.

7. Learn from your mistakes

Pay attention to your online community. What kind of content resonates most with your audience? Which tweets and videos do your customers share again and again? If your post backfires, don’t repeat that mistake. When you do make an error, take accountability and learn from it.

8. Don’t limit your business networking attempts to networking events and online personal websites

When you network business-to-business via LinkedIn, for instance, you have the opportunity to promote useful content online and build a connection base within your field.

9. Adhere to some basic guidelines

Your online etiquette may depend on your brand and how formal it is. Some simple rules may be to refrain from swearing, discrediting the company, criticizing your competition, or writing posts entirely in capital letters.

10. Research different types of pages if you want a presence on Facebook

While group pages may be set up as private, they are not always seen by search engines. Business pages, on the other hand, are easily seen by search engines such as Google. However, one does not need to be a member of Facebook to see a business page. Of course, the type of page you create will depend on your needs.

11. Look for conversation about your brand and the industry

On Twitter, search for hashtags and “at mentions” about your business to find out what people are saying. You can look up your competitors in similar ways to see what they are saying, and they won’t know you’re “listening.”

12. Show your personality

Social media, by definition, is social. People need to feel like they can connect with you. Be personable and friendly toward your clients and prospects. Be intelligent. Be funny.


Making a plan for how you will engage with your audience on social media is crucial to your brand’s success. If you have the right mindset and consistency with your online presence, then you will easily achieve your goals.