The Infinite Scroll shortcut transforms a traditional “Next Page” navigation into an AJAX-powered infinite scrolling user interface pattern. Infinite scroll is used to autopagerize and unpaginate endless pages, but essentially it is pre-fetching content from a following page and adding it directly to the user’s current page.

This effect is usually added to websites because it makes improves the whole user experience, the “Next Page” usability barrier being removed. When the full content is too large to show on initial load, infinite scrolling comes in handy. This is used more often on search results, blog posts, product listings and portfolios.

Infinite scrolling also has numerous advantages, such as retaining the users on the site for a longer time, maintaining the user’s typical reading habits, enhancing an existing navigational structure and being SEO-friendly and accessible.

Though, if not integrated properly in a WordPress theme it can also make the footer of a page almost impossible to reach, increases the memory footprint of the browser and may have some interferences with your analytics so you’ll have to do some custom configuration.

So, do you think an infinite scrolling WordPress theme is the best choice for you? We selected below some great WordPress themes which take advantage of the wonderful features of infinite scrolling. These are great for blogs, magazines and portfolios.

Take Dyad for example. This WordPress theme is most suitable for blogs, and it will look especially good as a food blog. It displays words and images in perfect balance: a post’s featured image and text excerpt get equal billing on the main blog page, while single posts and pages size and position images dynamically, depending on the screen size.

Publication is another great infinite scrolling WordPress theme showcased in this list. It is more content-oriented and has a fullscreen post slider on the homepage. The typography used is also beautiful and very easy to read. This elegant blog and magazine theme features full-screen featured images and is just perfect for sites about fashion, food, travel, or design. With balanced typography, colors, and attention to detail, this theme will help you create visually stunning posts.

You’ll also find some classics in this list, like the Twenty themes, which are free, fully responsive themes that looks great on any device.

Choose your favorite theme and launch your new website today!

1. Dyad

2. Revelar

3. Publication

4. Orvis

5. Toujours

6. Harmonic

7. Pique Cafe

8. Twenty Ten

9. Canape

10. Edin

11. Twenty Twelve

12. Button

13. Twenty Fourteen

14. Hemingway Rewritten

15. Boardwalk