We have chosen 20 templates that will allow you to create a business card that will leave a lasting impression on any prospective client.

Regardless of your profession, standard business cards are typically rectangular in shape, will contain just enough information about you or/and your business, and the chances are they’ve designed using a word processor. To a degree, they will still serve their purpose. But do they leave a lasting impression? With so many business cards designed in the same style, it’s doubtful.

To truly stand out from the crowd you really need to add some creativity and uniqueness to your card. Something that just screams ‘this is who I am, and this is what I do!’ Nobody will forget a card like that.

So to help you pull away from business card mediocrity, I have chosen 20 templates, all designed by professional designers, that will allow you to create a business card that will leave a lasting impression on any prospective client, customer or employer. Happy networking!

Creative Photographer Business Card by flashblue

Creative Corporate Business Card by hashimreza

Image Manufacturing Company Business Card by NAYEEM140

Creative Business Card 02 by Pacific_designer1212

Miphone Business Card V3 by CaCaDoo

Fashion Business Card by pixilito

Metro Style Business Card by intertarik

Modern Business Card by Creativeplus

Modern Corporate Business Card Template GL24015 by grlivelyman

Global Star Vol-22 Business Card by ziaktk

Windows Phone Business Card by azad_csstune

Social CV Business Card by DesertCheeath

Healthcare Business Card by letsjustdesign

Corporate Business Card 13 by manan121

Corporate Business Cards by graphicshape

Creative Business Card by CrazyPixels_Net

Business card by MugliStudio

Corporate Business Card Design by moinhasan

Marriage Media Corporate Business Card by dhushargraph

Personal Business Card by PFAM

Next Steps

Next up, you should have a look through our extensive library of Business Cards over on CodeGrape, there are thousands upon thousands of templates covering every type of profession and in every possible style.