In search of some poster design inspiration? Trying to come up with a design that will stand out but you’re just not sure where to begin? You’ve come to the right place! In this article we’ll share with you 20 unique exhibition poster designs for your inspiration, that will surely get your creative gears turning. When you have a million ideas, but you just aren’t sure how to connect all of them together, or on the contrary, when ideas don’t materialize whatsoever, you just need a little something to spark your creativity… in this case, beautiful examples of what it takes to create successful and unforgettable designs.

This article features a collection of beautiful, one-of-a-kind theater, movie, and concert posters and flyers, as well as some really cool advertisements that will surely inspire you to create something you’ve never imagined before. These designs will open a whole new world of possibilities and feature design techniques that are truly astonishing that accomplish the one most important task: making the viewer really think about the image in front of them, instead of simply presenting some information.

If you can make someone feel something through art, that’s proof of a job well done. So take a look at these unique designs and ask yourself what these images and design techniques make you feel and think.

Do they remind you of anything? Or do they surprise you in some way? Do you see any resemblances to something you’ve seen or designed before, or just new possibilities? Remember how these images make you feel and try to convey similar feelings through your artwork when you set off to design something of your own. Enjoy, and let us know what you liked best about these designs in the comment section below!

Save Trees Save Earth

Ian Curtis

The Revenant

Theatre Poster Design

Ciclo Visceral

Dreaming in black & white


Vintage Advertising Poster from 1953 , Martini

Music Festival poster design

The Lumineers Poster

Rocky, Dirty Harry – genius re-release posters

La russie imaginaire en affiche

Single Ladiez event poster

The Indian Runners

The Lobster


DIFFA PbD 2012

Movie Poster

Christopher Doyle

Mapping 2013