There is more to understanding how to freelance and growing your freelance business than just mastering your chosen niche.

You have to reach out to potential clients and convince them why they should not just hire but also retain your services into the foreseeable future. But how do you get more clients that pay well? Where do you source them and get them to hire your services? Here are seven unconventional ways on how to attract clients. 

1. Create and optimize your site

Whether your freelance craft involves website design, writing, virtual assistance or even selling stuff online, you need a solid and easily accessible interaction point with potential clients. It is highly advisable that you set up a professional website that introduces a client to what both you and your brand are all about. 

Understand that professionalism is critical when creating a memorable first impression as well as building confidence in your business. Also, remember to optimize your site for the search engines fully. You never know who might end up stumbling on your site. 

2. Word of mouth and social media

Almost every individual and businesses requiring your services are members of one social media or another. To reach out to them, create accounts for your brand on different social media platforms as well as on professional sites like LinkedIn. 

Consider reaching out to your peers and acquaintances through word of mouth. For instance, your high school and college mates might turn out to be exceptional clients given the fact they are easier to convince as you already are acquainted. 

3. Attend and speak at events

If you haven’t been attending different networking events and seminars relating to the industry in which you operate, then you might be missing out on reaching out to potential clients. If they have open mic sessions or discussion forums, grab the opportunity and use to solidify your reputation in your field of operation. 

These events attract a lot of potential clients looking for service providers like your online business. You only need to convince them why you are the best. Don’t forget to any speeches you give to your website, blog, and social media. 

4. Position yourself as an expert when networking online

Potential clients need to work with individuals that prove they are well versed with the market dynamics and know how to address their pain points. Create this impression by creating an irrefutable online reputation. You can start by maintaining profiles with reputable sites within your field of operation, showcasing your abilities by pointing your client towards high profile gigs you have accomplished or by simply being hosted, mentioned or receiving backlinks from authority brands. When convincing a client about why they should hire you, remember to direct them to these resources. It helps boost their confidence in your brand. 

5. Hang out with people in need of your service

Just like the first steps on how to freelance mainly involve identifying an art you are passionate about and running with it, how to get clients starts with understanding where to source them. Are you familiar with any platforms or Reddit threads addressing your freelance niche? Join up and start contributing relevant content. 

While on these platforms, it pays to post highly relevant content as potential clients are always on the lookout for special talent. If they post questions, research them widely before giving a well thought and insightful answer that shows your mastery of the niche. Then engage the users here professionally, sell them your services without expressing desperation or being pushy. 

6. Cold pitch targets

Similar to the case of regular jobs, every freelancer has the brands, individuals, and websites they would like to work for or with. Do you have specific targets sites that you consider potential clients? And do they have open positions for a freelancer with your skills? If so then send them a proposal convincing them why you and your freelance business are the best fit for their specific problem. 

However, remember that in most cases, a pitch only provides you with a one-time opportunity that if not fully exploited may never come back. Even when you get a chance to pitch them again, you will have already lost the advantage of a first impression. Therefore, before approaching a given brand with a pitch, research widely on how to formulate a selling pitch as well as the pain points with the brand and address them directly. 

7. Don’t forget the job boards

Most freelancers shy away from the <a href=””>job boards</a> as they consider them as only having low-paying jobs. But this is where most go wrong. Have you considered the fact that most clients posting these jobs may not be here because of low pay but due to lack of freelancers they can interact with directly? When starting out, stop being picky and bid on anything, even if it offers less than you would like to get paid. 

On these boards, start by solving client problems not boasting about your skills or high cost of living. Once satisfied with your work, most of these clients will find you and even offer higher pay while maintaining you as their favorite go-to person. If they don’t, reach out to them. It always works. 

Bottom line

How to get more clients to grow your freelance business requires a lot of commitment, patience, and most importantly an elaborate plan. You need to first create a brand around the service you offer and then go about popularizing on different media and events while at the same time using it to attract clients.

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