Why Store Data Online?

The false comparison

Zoolz cloud storage enables you to store data online. But why would you want to do that? Well, there’s an analogy that people sometimes use. And it’s wrong. So let’s get that out of the way first.

The analogy that you sometimes hear compares cloud storage with those windowless buildings you see on the outskirts of most American cities. They are there for storage. People who, temporarily or permanently, have more stuff than their home has room for, rent space in one of those buildings to store it. It might be excess furniture that they could sell one day but might need if they move home. It might be pushchairs and small bicycles with trainer wheels; they haven’t decided whether or not to have another baby, so they don’t want to get rid of it permanently.

What some people will tell you is that Zoolz cloud storage is like that – it’s where you store files that you don’t currently have room for. And that is very misleading. Why? Because there’s a fundamental difference between your home and your computer. Homes don’t crash. Computers do.

Oh, sure, a house fire can send all your furniture, clothes and personal belongings up in smoke. That’s what you have insurance for. The insurance company gives you the money to replace everything that was damaged or lost. That doesn’t work with computer data. If you are running any business on your computer – or if you just keep personal information and your tax returns on there – when data is gone thanks to a computer crash, it’s gone. And if it’s business information, chances are your business is gone, too.

So, the difference between those storage depots that hold your furniture and online storage is simple. In the storage depot, you keep only those things you don’t want at home right now. In online storage, you keep everything. EVERYTHING. Because, if you only have it in one place, then if anything happens to it you will never recover.

What can cloud storage do for you?

cloud storage

That word “cloud” can be confusing. It makes it sound as though cloud storage is somehow “up there.” Out in space. Insubstantial. Lacking solidity. And, of course, that’s not how it is. Everything in the “cloud” is, in fact, right here on earth. Except that “right here” is misleading because the servers on which your files are stored can be anywhere. They might be in the same city as you, and they might be on another continent. In fact, they may be both, because of redundancy – but we’ll get to that in a moment. The servers on which Zoolz cloud storage keeps your data belong to AWS (Amazon Web Services). You can’t get more secure than that.

The best cloud storage services

It isn’t difficult to see what makes a cloud storage service the best. You need:

  • Absolute security, through encryption and redundancy
  • Differentiated cold storage (archival) and instant storage (backup) services
  • Speed and power
  • Ability to handle unlimited external and network drives

Why is cloud storage best suited for every concern?

What’s the difference between cold storage and instant storage?

Whoever you are, you have two kinds of data. That’s why Zoolz cloud storage comes in two flavors: cold storage, and instant storage. The difference is simple. Some of your stored data is data and applications that, if you lost them, you would need to replace instantly. Those files need what is known as “backup,” an expression that has been around a long time and of which we are sure you know the meaning. Zoolz cloud storage keeps that data in instant storage which means it can be back on your disk virtually instantaneously. Something went wrong, you lost data, it could have been a huge blow to your business, but it wasn’t because you recovered it immediately.

But then there is other data that you won’t need urgently, and you may never need at all. Copies of photographs. Past financial reports, that in most cases are never looked at again, but that you just might need to lay hands on. Old product files – not needed now, but the law says you must hold them for seven years. And so on. Most people and most companies have masses of stuff like that. It can choke your computer. So, you store it in Zoolz cold storage. Information stored there may take a few hours to recover, so be sure to differentiate between backup data that you may need instantly and other files that you must keep but may never need.

It isn’t that simple, though. The difference between backup and storage

It’s easy to confuse these two terms, but getting them wrong can be fatal. When you store files in Zoolz cold storage, they stay there until you, take steps to remove them. That way, you are protected against accidental loss of a file that, perhaps for regulatory purposes, you must always be able to retrieve if it is called for.

On the other hand, when you use Zoolz cloud storage for instant recovery, chances are it’s for backup purposes. What that means is that, when you create a new file on your system, you want a copy of that file to be created in the cloud. When you modify or delete files on your own system, you want the corresponding files in the cloud also to be amended or deleted. In other words, you want the files in the cloud to be a mirror image of the files on your system. That’s how backup works – it mirrors in the cloud everything you do on your system.

What you must never lose sight of is: you need both. You want a backup, and you want file storage. They do different jobs. Just imagine deciding that you’re going to store in the cloud files that you must keep but don’t look at from one year’s end to the next. You upload them to the cloud – but as backup files when you should have uploaded them to storage. Then you delete them on your computer. Well, that was the point of the exercise, wasn’t it? But now, because you tagged them as a backup and not storage, next time backup runs it thinks, ‘Oh, they don’t want these files anymore’ – and deletes them in the cloud. Disaster! Fortunately, Zoolz cloud storage knows that to err is human, and so it gives you 30 days in which you can recover the data you should never have deleted.


If something can go wrong with your computer, it can go wrong with somebody else’s. Like the server on which your cloud data is being held. They are very well looked after and protected, those servers, but a huge data surge, a flood, or a lightning strike can wreck any data center. And so we have redundancy: all of your files stored simultaneously on some servers in completely different places. It’s belt and braces carried to extremes. The purpose is to make sure that your data is never lost. Isn’t that why you signed up to the service?


You meet some very nice people on the Internet. There are a few of the other kind, too. Individuals who would like nothing better than to hack your data and either blackmail you with it or sell it to your competitors. Encryption is what prevents that. Even if someone managed to get at your data, they couldn’t do anything with it, because they couldn’t read it.

The Zoolz cloud storage deal

For a short time, we are offering a very special deal. For a shade under $40, you can have one terabyte of lifetime cloud storage. You’ll have absolute security, your data will be logically structured and stored, and it doesn’t matter whether you use Windows or a Mac – you’re covered.

  • Security the same as the US Government uses
  • Your data stored, using Amazon Web Services, at multiple locations and, in each location, on multiple devices
  • Cold storage and instant storage, so that your archival and backup needs are fully catered for
  • Schedule backup to suit your needs
  • And – it’s yours for a lifetime!

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