We all know that marketing is of vital importance to both small and large businesses. However, there are so many different ways to reach potential customers, which can be intimidating. If not properly utilized, marketing can be a significant financial loss and waste of time.

So, how exactly to run successful marketing campaigns? Our answer is – by making sure to respect the basics of marketing. No matter if you want to run a large or small campaign, there’s a set of ground rules that mustn’t be overlooked. This will provide a sturdy foundation and increase the chances of success. In the end, you’ll hopefully reap the rewards and create a trustful bond with your customers.

Without any further ado, we present you bulletproof tips on running successful marketing campaigns.

Marketing Campaign Vs. Marketing Plan – Know the Difference!

The biggest mistake business owners make is not knowing the difference between these two terms. In other words, you need to have a larger picture in your mind before starting to put together smaller pieces.

Let’s say that your marketing plan is to build a particular brand and to connect with potential customers. In the long term, you want your brand to be noticeable and perceived in a certain way. So, how to get to that point? – By running successful marketing campaigns. Every campaign should be a brick in the wall that is your brand. Sometimes, this will be a Facebook campaign, other times this will be a discount advertised on billboards. Make sure to use smaller steps, which allows you to limit your spending while moving towards the ultimate goal.

Prepare a Realistic Set of Objectives

It’s hard to measure a marketing campaign’s success if you haven’t set any goals. This is why it’s imperative to prepare a realistic set of objectives which will provide you with measurement parameters.

Let’s say that you run an online store selling iPhone cases. You want to sell a larger volume of a particular phone case in the next month or so. In other words, the goal of your marketing campaign is to increase the sales of a particular model during the next month. If that doesn’t happen, you can tweak your approach and hopefully succeed the next time.

Use Your Objectives to Set a Budget

As said before, marketing can be a serious investment. However, that’s the only way you should perceive it – as a business investment. This is because you want your money to return as well as to turn a profit. This is why you need to pay attention when allocating a budget to your marketing campaign.

Let’s continue with our example above. You want to sell a larger volume of a particular iPhone case during the next month. Your budget might be very limited, meaning that you need to invest wisely. The best approach is trying to combine free promotion strategies with paid marketing channels. Those of you who already developed a following on Facebook might use the platform’s advertising to reach a lot of people for a couple of dollars. Also, combine this with free advertising like posting on Facebook and building attractive banners for your online store.

Try to Understand Your Potential Customers

As you saw in our example, we connected an online store to Facebook users. However, this is not a foolproof formula. Successful marketing campaigns are successful because there are custom tailored. What this means is that you should think of the best way to approach your customers – all within your budget, timeframe, and according to your objectives.

Online store owners can rely on social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and newsletters. Still, maybe you’re running a brick-and-mortar store. If that’s the case, a billboard might be a better solution in addition to print marketing. Try to understand your customers and their habits, in addition to where they might be located. Successful marketing campaigns use different channels to talk to potential customers since it’s always better to try different approaches. Some of them might not work the first time, which helps you to allocate your budget differently the next time.

Decide Whether You Need Professional Help

Successful marketing campaigns are run by experienced marketing experts. This isn’t a rule but instead a typical situation. However, you can still achieve an amazing success on your own.

With a bit of thoughtful planning, and especially if you’re skilled when it comes to graphic design and writing, you’ll be on your way towards success. However, if you’re having a hard time writing your ad copy or creating a poster, you might need professional help. This can take a certain portion of your budget, but make sure to look at this as a smart investment.

The bottom line is that handing out tens of thousands of bland pamphlets will lead you nowhere. On the other hand, handing out a few hundred amazingly designed and smartly written pamphlets is always a favorable option.

Make Sure to Stick to Your Action Plan

By now, you should have developed a robust action plan. If you listened to our previous advice, you’ve likely ended up with realistic objectives within a certain budget, chosen marketing channels, and prepared your marketing material. Now it’s time to go into action!

According to your timeline, make sure to stick to predefined actions. Successful marketing campaigns don’t happen overnight. Stick to your plan and measure the results. Some channels might work turn out to work better than the others, so re-route some of your money towards that. Steer your marketing campaign and make sure to reshape it if needed.

Check the Results

Once the campaign is over, make sure to take a deep look back. Aside from checking out if you managed to reach your objectives, take a look at every step of your campaign. Maybe something should have been done differently, or perhaps an individual marketing channel wasn’t utilized right. Collect your thoughts and extract a valuable knowledge that will help you to achieve even a bigger success the next time.


No matter if you reach a small or big success with your marketing campaign, treasure the information you’ll receive. Knowledge about your customers, their habits, as well as their feedback are invaluable bits of information. They not only help you to reshape your next marketing campaign but can assist you with your day-to-day operations. This is what successful marketing campaigns are all about.