The growing popularity of the internet and the increase in information exchanged through the internet has enhanced the complexity of modern website designs.

In other words, because websites have become a major source of advertising goods and services, a lot of time and money is invested in the art of producing effective website designs.

The high level of investment that goes into designing a website in terms of the use of icons, imagery etc is illustrated by the fact that the average cost of making one is approximately around 500 to 5000 dollars.

The importance of an effective website is further highlighted by the fact that a clear scan able layout leads to at least 47% usability improvement. This in turn leads to a significant increase in revenue which, of course, is the ultimate aim of all corporate owners.

It can, therefore, be seen that the way in which a website is presented directly effects its viewership and as well as the power to persuade consumers to purchase products.

Unique, aesthetic typography

An effective modern web design is one which is successfully able to attract the attention of individuals. This ensures a large number of people becoming acquainted with the services and information that the website provides.

However, it is often tricky to incorporate a design that captures the attention of viewers. This problem can be rectified by keeping the font size and the type of font constant. The typography that you use may also give subtle hints about the type of values or material goods that your website endorses. Typography is arguably the most important web design element.

This is so because it allows you to directly engage audiences. Typography has the desired result when it is different, and relatively big. This makes the text stand out more, therefore making it easier to read. Over a certain period of time, a company can create a form of brand identity by following the same typography.

This makes it easier for consumers to identify and associate with products by your company and thus enables the company to grow further.

Furthermore, it is vital to ensure that the typography used in your web design synchronizes with the nature of your website. This is extremely important because an immature, funky typography advertising something sophisticated and formal would seem out of place.

Thus it would be difficult to garner the attention of individuals for they are likely to dismiss your product based on the unprofessional approach of your website design.

Hence it is imperative to use a typography that best suits the product or service that you are advocating. In general, therefore, the larger the font the more appealing the typography. However, Individual preferences in accordance with the nature of your product must be taken into account. In essence, the typography should simply serve to reflect your company’s ideas and goods in such a way that it broadly grabs the attention of the masses.


Icons are becoming increasingly popular for they make the text seem less intimidating and thus allow the message to get across easily. Icons such as mobile UI icons make the design more appealing.

Similarly, contour design icons are frequently used to draw the attention of the viewers. Thus most modern designers do in fact believe in investing in icons for the pay back is lucrative.

Images and videos

Another key element of a good website design is that they often use images and videos. These can help you to get your view across in a better, more engaging manner. The type of images and videos that you include in your website design depend largely on the demographics or your target audience. If your product is aimed primarily at young people, there would possibly be a greater number of images for, in general, young people have moved away from conventional forms of reading.

Thus, a professional and effective approach would be to use a wide array of images and videos and caption each of them to further endorse your product. If, for example, the website is about makeup, you could add a short video showing how that particular type of makeup is used and what are its advantages.

This again is an effective way of advertising because people usually do prefer a practical demonstration rather than a written essay. Moreover, the images can be arranged in a somewhat irregular manner because your target audience in this case allows you to experiment a little more.

On the other hand, if your company caters to adults, it is certainly advisable to arrange everything in an orderly fashion. Although the number of videos or images may remain the same, the nature of these pictures will vary considerably. Adults are usually interested in factual information; therefore your images and videos should reflect that.

A website design bombarded with images may not be the best approach in this case. This is because adults and the elderly prefer to know more about the product by reading about it before purchasing it.

Background and colors

This particular aspect of modern web designs is also crucial in order to increase the demand for your goods and services. These essential elements of a website design also depend profoundly on your target market. Young people like vibrant colors. Thus the website should include bright colors, particularly for headings.

This target audience provides you with more variety to choose from. For example, there is more freedom in terms of arranging your text, the icons and the background color that you choose and so on. The color of the text as well as the background can be more flashy.

However, if the product is directed towards adults, the website design is often more restricted and restrained. Your choice of color is limited. It is advisable to keep a neutral background and use pastel or light colors for the text. This will lead to the creation of an overall formal and professional website- the kind that adults want.

Simple navigation

If consumers have to spend a lot of time just for finding the product that they want, they will ultimately get frustrated and leave. Therefore it is necessary to simplify navigation. Hence the website should be easy to use. Part of this may involve keeping navigational menus to a minimum so that users do not get overwhelmed. In addition to this, videos that automatically play in the background can also add a lot to the page. They can, for example, be used to tell a story and thereby considerably reduce the amount of other content that is needed to explain your business.

This is an ingenious way which increases the user’s convenience because they do not have to spend a lot of time looking for what they desire.

Keep updating your website

The world today is evolving drastically, so too are our values and the material goods that we consume. Since websites provide us with a platform through which we can advertise goods and services that are constantly changing, it is vital to ensure that the design of your website can be easily modified to fulfill changes in consumer preferences.

Thus another important design element involves laying out and setting up your website in such a way that it can easily be frequently updated. If templates are used, it becomes increasingly difficult to change certain aspects of the text or add new videos or images. Therefore it is critical to avoid using layouts that are resistant to change.
Layout dictates where users will concentrate on the website
Professional web designers strive to develop sites that direct viewers to the most vital information that is important to both them and you. It is also possible to use heat maps and other analytic tools to see which buttons and links are popular so that they can consistently and regularly improve the experience of users by further updating the site.

Contact information

It is particularly important for small companies to have an “about us” page. This creates a bond between you and the user and enables the user to understand what you stand for and what you have to offer. This page could also include contact information so that they can express their concerns and suggestions directly to the business owners via email or fax. It also saves their time for they can get products delivered to their door step (assuming that a business provides delivery services).

Web friendly

Regardless of how informative, interactive, visually aesthetic, and easy to use your website is, it is virtually useless if it is not web friendly. Web designers must come up with a design that works on all major browsers so that a large number of people can access it. This inevitably leads to greater sales and therefore an increase in profits.
In a nutshell, therefore, it can clearly be seen that color, images, videos, theme and icons such as mobile UI and contour are all essential elements of a modern web design that need to be taken into consideration. All of these elements if arranged in accordance with your target audience will lead to a successful website creation and therefore higher profits.