Nine must-have add-ins for creative people – and we’re giving them away!

For creative people, the question is not: “Where am I going to get my ideas from?” Nor is it: “How do I match the techniques at my disposal to the task I’ve been asked to complete?” And it certainly is not: “I need a giveaway to make my life complete.” No; the big question for creative people is: “How can I find more time? I need more time!” is here to help. One reason creative people struggle to find time for creative work is that they use too much of it (time, that is) reinventing the wheel. And Greedeals has the answer. Don’t spend time developing what other people have already developed for you to use. That is time spent on reproducing what is already there and taken away from what you really love to do, which is to create something entirely new.

That’s why Greedeals has brought together, from all over the world, developers of the tools you need. The Greedeals offer is always financially good – but today it is monster! We have nine products where the financial offer is simply the best you can get, because these are giveaways! All we ask is your email address. In return, you get a place in the draw for nine fabulous products. Three people are going to win that draw; three people are going to find themselves with software worth $2,500. And it won’t cost them a penny. It’s free. These are giveaways.

Let’s take a look.

 Lifetime Access to Keyword XP Pro

KeywordXP Pro

Searching for information on what your potential customers are looking for and what words they are using to conduct that search is an essential part of online sales. It’s also mind-numbingly tedious. And it takes TIME! The time you’d rather be spending on productive work. Keyword XP Pro sets you free to do that. This little gem tells you not just what your prospective customers want, but what words and what phrases they use when they go looking for it..


How is your SEO? No – really? This is a very competitive world; how are you performing in it? One of our giveaways is SEOPop, a rank checking tool that will tell you how you’re doing right now and what you have to do to raise your game. If you’re not checking your SEO performance, you’re really only playing at SEO. And playing at it won’t cut the mustard in 2017.


Do you need a WordPress theme? Make sure it shows up well on mobiles because more people today look for suppliers on mobile devices than any other way. And make sure it’s adaptable so that, whatever your business and whatever your needs, you can use it. Or save yourself all that trouble and choose MotoTheme, which meets those needs and all the others you can think of.

 Legal Pages

WPLegal Pages
You must comply with all legal requirements for online transparency. It can’t be ignored any longer because Google and a lot of other online shop windows are clamping down. Get these templates (they’re one of our giveaway prizes) and have professionally designed legal documents on your website.


From time to time, online marketing makes a leap forward. The latest example is the flipbook. You don’t need to abandon your PDFs – win a ShineFlip giveaway you can convert those PDFs into flipbooks. Stay ahead of the game.

Selling online? You need android apps

One of our giveaways is Appock, and it will build android apps for your WordPress site. A huge segment of your customer base uses androids and the number is growing. Don’t let them leave you behind.

 WordPress themes

WordPress Themes
More WordPress themes as giveaways – more than 140 of them, in fact.

 Recover lost data

Data Recovery PRO
You don’t know just how painful it is to lose data until it happens to you. Windows or Mac, Any Data Recovery PRO will get your data back when you thought it was gone forever. How can you possibly be without it?

Google maps tells people where you are

Google Maps Widget PRO
There’s your potential customer, out on the street with a mobile device in hand, looking for you. Your website has a ZIP Code on it, and an address, so maybe the customer will find you. But you could take the “maybe” out of that sentence and guarantee the customer visit – and the sale! Use this widget to put on your website a map that shows exactly where you are.

Those programs are what will save you time, and time is the most valuable resource you have. They’d be well worth spending $2,500 on – and for three lucky people, they’ll be free giveaways.

Would you like to be one of the three?

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