When it comes to searching from such a diverse pool of data, Google does its best to offer the most appropriate set of data to its viewers. This is why, over the time, it has changed its algorithm of categorizing and prioritizing the web data. From penguin to panda, hummingbird and many more; we have followed the change and managed to pull our websites up to the standards of the great search engine ranking system. And the challenge of optimizing the website for the search engine is still keeping us captivated.

The website designing Dubai firm speaks of the changes and adjustment it has made to its official website over the years to rank among the top searches at the Google’s front-page. Their struggle has been real and so is yours! Nearly a decade ago, Google was known to have around 200 major ranking factors. We all wonder how much that number must have escalated till the present day. Though we are still unable to unveil all the factors that determine the website’s position in the search engine, we can surely list the five top SEO techniques that will help you get to the top this year. The top five techniques are as follows:

Voice search is on the run

If you need an extra branding opportunity, optimizing your content for voice search is the way to earn it. The trend of using the voice search to find answers to the questions has set the website developers into action. The website brand management team of every business company is now eager to add content that would put them on the top results of a voice search. The features snippet (a summary answer) is what brings you at the top. Google searches for the featured snippet on voice search and puts a section of your website on the top of the first search page.

Moreover, the KPCB’S 2016 internet trends report suggested that the voice search queries have increased in number by 35 times since 2008 and a seven times increase is seen since 2010 to the study date. This indicates that it will surely increase in the time to come and is a perfect way to improve the website’s position in the SEO.

Offering the best mobile user experience

The use of internet through the smartphone has increased by a spiking number and so has the need to optimize the website and make it responsive for the mobile screens and resolution. Google’s criteria for making the website mobile-friendly is already been followed by nearly 85% of all the websites presently. As most of the traffic is coming in through the smartphones, you wouldn’t want to send it away because of a bad mobile user experience, would you?

This greatly helps in improving the SEO of the website. In this regard, Google also gives affair warning to the people who are still optimizing their websites for mobile use. They are advised not to launch it before it is completely optimized as a broken version would any harm the ranking instead of improving it.

Speed up your website’s loading time

In the search of funding the most important factors that govern the website ranking on Google’s page, we found it (confirmed by Google as well) that the loading speed of a website acts as one of the main ranking factors. Thus, our top number three strategy to improve your SEO is to make your website faster. The less your user has to wait for the website to load, the more time he is going to spend on it surfing and buying the products/ services you are offering. For this purpose, some of the things that you can do are as follows:

  • Look into the format of the content
  • Optimize the size of the media content
  • Make sure the media is responsive
  • Omit the useless data
  • Generate good, healthy and useful content for the users
  • Remove the loose links from the website and so on

Build stronger user engagement for your website

If you look it through the eyes of SEO, you’ll see that the user engagement is merely the time that the user spends on your website. After knowing that, we are asking our clients to make their websites attractive to increase the user engagement which will in return pay off as a good SEO technique. Now, the many ways through which you can increase the user engagement include the following.

How to increase the user engagement?

  • Format your content. Write in short paragraphs, make bullet points (like this one) and add sub-headers.
  • Use visual content including images, infographics, and videos
  • Bucket brigades do a great job
  • Try the inverted pyramid writing style
  • Work on the bounce rate
  • Use tools and analyze your website’s performance

Build backlinks

The rumor has it that Google is over the back-linking system. Well, old habits die hard and this is why establishing backlinks still holds a high position in Google’s raking criteria. Considering backlinking an important aspect of SEO, our advice for you is to ensure the quality of the links you build. According to a Moz study, a website without backlinks is nearly a lost cause without any say in how it’s going to do in the rankings. Thus, you need to focus on your links and make sure you got them from high-quality content, influencer or outreach marketing.

These top five SEO techniques help the website do really great in the Google’s ranking. They fulfill the criteria and enhance the quality of the website produced at the brand’s end. Google has the best interest of the viewers at heart and the techniques that we have mentioned above helps you offer the best service.

Junaid Ali Qureshi
is a digital marketing specialist who has helped several businesses gain traffic, outperform competition and generate profitable leads. His current ventures include Elephantation, eLabelz, Smart Leads.ae, Progos Tech and eCig.