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Classic Landing Page Mistakes You’re Probably Still Making

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One of the biggest clashes in design has been the question of whether to strip down your landing page to the point where it’s so minimal that it has no navigation at all. Proponents argue that the only thing on a landing page should be the call to action button, so as to eliminate all distractions and increase conversions; opponents will say that’s too extreme. So how do designers know what the best course of action is when it comes to landing page design? Read More

6 Things You Should Do After Launching Your Website

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After you deploy a website, chances are that you will encounter bugs or issues at some point. You might even want to add functionality to the site in the future, and this future functionality could cause issues with the current programming. Just like desktop software, web apps also need consistent testing and bug fixes. You can do it yourself or hire a web developer, but you should always perform periodic checks of your site to test its functionality, performance, and layout. Read More

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