No matter the size of your workforce, finding software solutions that can improve your business is always a challenge. Collaboration is the key to a better level of productivity and workflow, and software options that are now available come in such a wide variety that it’s complicated to work out exactly which packages are most suitable for you. Everyone has their own way of working, but streamlining the means of communication and the management of business processes is the foundation of scalability. The more that you improve your business model with the right software options, the more likelihood there is of your business growing. Here’s where you should start your search for the best software solutions.

Managing your team projects

For both personal and collaborative tasks, it’s difficult to match Trello. No matter the size of your team, Trello is a simple to use management tool that allows you to tag team members in the appropriate tasks and is usable on a variety of devices.

There is a free version of Trello available if you want to try it out, with premium options available for those that want more features. Perfect for project management, Trello is fast becoming a must-have for businesses.

Note-taking brilliance

There’s nothing worse than half remembering a vital article that you read a month ago and wasting half the working day trying to find it again. For business owners and content marketers, this can be even more frustrating.

There are a variety of note-taking apps available, but Evernote is especially useful as it allows you to put your saved articles and notes in a specific folder. 

Evernote is easy to navigate and has a fantastic search function making it easier than ever to find what you need when you need it.

Streamlining Human Resources

Payroll issues can cause bottlenecks within your company that can affect productivity and staff loyalty. This is usually the responsibility of your HR department, and the challenge has always been to find ways to collate the necessary data in one place in order to make payrolls easier to manage. There some very useful software options available, but XCD remains the best option, especially for larger companies. Utilizing an HR software cloud means that your business avoids the need for progressive integration strategies, and means that your HR software is easily configured to suit your needs.

Maintaining Focus

If your employees have problems with staying focused on their tasks then you might want to have a look at Be Focused. This Pomodoro-based app has been designed for use on both Mac and iOS technologies, and is useful for those that are looking for ways to more efficiently manage their tasks, track and record their ongoing progress, and even schedule breaks at the right time.

The Pomodoro technique is a proven way of breaking down your tasks into manageable chunks, and the Be Focused app has an alarm that goes off when you should take a vital break. 

Available as a free app (albeit with adverts and some limited features) or as a premium package, Be Focused can transform the productivity of any business.

With such a wide variety of software options available that all claim to save you money, improve your business, and boost productivity, it can be difficult to know where to start. These four options are a fantastic introduction to showcasing what the right software solutions can do for you. Look at your business model and highlight your needs. With the right tech solutions, your business could soon be growing faster than you ever imagined.