We are currently living in an age of technological revolution where smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives. We have become dependent on smartphones due to the presence of various applications, which have made our life easy.

However, every user who uses a smartphone faces the problem of battery drainage; no matter how big is the smartphone battery.

Adopting battery saving techniques is the need of an hour, especially if you are using a high end smartphone with low battery capacity like that of LG V30 battery. So, if you are reliant on smartphones and wish to prolong its battery life then follow the below mentioned five simple methods to save your phone’s battery.

Charge Management

It is very important for the users to properly charge their smartphones in order to increase its battery life. You should, at any cost avoid charging the phone overnight, as idle charging affects the battery health of your phone. Also, ensure that you charge your phone before the battery gets completely drained and using the best portable charger can be an asset in situations when you are not in your home. The most appropriate method of charging the phone is to let it drain off to the minimum and charge it till it reaches 100 percent. You also need to calibrate your smartphone battery from time-to-time in order to ensure that your phone battery stays healthy.

Data Restrictions

Using mobile Internet puts immense strain on the battery of your smartphone. To overcome this, you can restrict the notifications and application updates at the time of using mobile network. It is advisable to connect to Wi-Fi network whenever available, as it saves a good amount of battery. Lots of applications run in the background all the time, which also consumes lot of battery, so you can restrict these applications. Few more effective methods that can save your data and prolong your smartphone battery life are turning off the notifications of applications, avoid using smart assistant, toggling auto sync features, etc. If you don’t want to do these things manually then you can simply use the battery saving mode option as every smartphone is pre-equipped with it.

Settings Management

Managing mobile phone settings is also a good way to improve the battery life of your smartphone. A lot of battery can be saved if you adjust the brightness of your smartphone to the acceptable level as setting to high brightness consumes more battery. You can also modify your display settings; such as reducing timeout time, minimizing display resolution, and switching off auto-brightness settings to conserve battery. Another effective method is to switch off network, bluetooth and location when the phone is in idle mode. Live wallpapers and widgets also consume good amount of battery, so it is best to remove them if possible.

Call Management

The most common mistake that smartphone users make is to use battery consuming call settings, which is not required at all. For instance; vibration in case of incoming calls and notification consumes a lot of battery, and hence; you should switch off the vibration feature when not needed. Also, sound settings such as ringtone volume, touch sounds, media volume, etc. can be toggled in order to increase the battery life of your smartphone.

Application Management

Another common phenomenon observed in the smartphone users is that they install applications that they hardly use. Keeping such applications can be injurious to your phone battery. An easy way to find out the apps that have not been used in a long time is to check the frequency in which the installed applications are being used, and then remove them. Also, there are many applications that consume way more battery as compared to other apps. However, there is no way to identify such applications unless you use third party apps like Greenify, which will scan your phone and identify key areas that consumes majority of your battery and highlight the apps that require your attention. Another healthy habit is to clear your app data and cache at frequent intervals as it frees up your RAM and boosts your phone battery.      

To conclude, the above-mentioned tips will not only save your smartphone battery but also prolong the battery life of your smartphone, so try it out and you will certainly notice the difference.