There are many factors that go into creating a great website. If you are building a site from scratch then it’s always best to do some wireframe drawings to begin with.

Creating several different configurations will help you to choose the best option before you begin building. There’s nothing worse than changing a site during the build and finishing with a design that doesn’t flow. The other advantage to wireframing a website is that you can incorporate some of these six winning website features and build yourself a fantastic site.

Website Slider

A website slider is a great way to display short and snappy information that will catch the user’s eye. Sliders are usually the first thing that people will see when they arrive on the site so it’s important that it’s on brand and clear. Common uses for a website slider are to promote seasonal or end of line sales. They are also used to promote categories or special offers on individual products.

Clear Call to Action

Every website somewhere should have a call to action. Even sites with only one page. If your website doesn’t have one or doesn’t need one then you should consider what the purpose of your website is. For eCommerce websites the call is usually to make a purchase. For websites that are promoting a service the call may be to submit a form for a quote or to get in touch. Digivante are experts at analyzing website conversion rates and list the type of browser and page speed as factors that can affect people taking a call to action.

FAQ Page

One of the easiest and simplest elements that makes a website great is a frequently asked questions page. When people are using the internet, they expect all the information they need to be accessible to them. If it’s not on the page they are looking at they will frequently look for an FAQ page. The advantage to your business of building an FAQ page is that with customers finding the answers they need online, they won’t be calling or emailing you so your staff will be freed up to focus on other tasks.


Adding a blog to your website is a great tool for driving additional organic traffic. Where your main website pages may target high intent keywords like ‘buy shoes online’ a blog can be used to target longer tail keywords. Long tail keywords contain more words and tend to be more specific. These can really be used effectively on a blog to provide buying information that customers may be searching for. For example, you could have a blog post that targets people searching for ‘best place to buy men’s running shoes.

Newsletter Sign Up

To complete the loop, you will want to add a newsletter sign up to your website and your blog posts. People searching for long tail keywords may just be in the research stage. You therefore want to be front of mind when they are ready to make that purchase. One way to do this is be getting them to sign up to a newsletter mailing list. That way you can send them a mail every month and because they already used you site to gather information, they should be more likely to return to you to make a purchase.