There’s quite a lot of work that goes into creating great designs than meets the eye. Armed with design kits and genius creativity, designers spend long hours to come up with professional, impressive and compelling illustrations.

Due to their beauty and creative flexibility, these illustrations come in handy when you want to communicate ideas clearly, whether within the UI or the marketing material.

The truth is a strong brand identity does not come easily. You need to deliver well-crafted, concise and attention grabbing illustrations to your customers. This will ultimately build your brand, improve relationships with your users and boost sales.

In this article, we discuss 7 benefits of using illustrations in your designs.

Sound good?

Let’s dive right in

1. Speak the universal language of visuals

Let’s face it, communicating your brand’s key elements such as your vision and mission statements can sometimes be extremely difficult. This is true especially when you want to grab users’ attention quickly and to develop a long lasting connection at a glance.

Research shows emotions play a huge role in this and the language of images can be a perfect tool to evoke such feelings just when you need them. This confirms the saying that a picture is worth more than a thousand words.

2. Explain complex ideas in a coherent way

The human brain is excellent at recognizing patterns and interpreting sequences. Great communicators maximize on this incredible power to present complex processes by using well designed, concise and attractive visuals. Brighten up boring stories with creative visuals riveted together by clever metaphors. Great communicators present ideas using visuals to weave together concise and effective messages from a storyteller’s perspective.

3. Avoid walls of text

Bill Gates was right when he said that content is king. However, content does not necessarily mean huge chunks of texts. Interestingly, users are scared by huge chunks of text and few content creators recognize that. In this era of infinite knowledge, we are bombarded with more than enough information each day. According to a study conducted by The New York Times, the average human takes in 34 gigabytes of information and about one hundred thousand words in one day. That equals to 11.8 hours of information each day! Mind blowing facts, right?

Illustrations, when used to communicate ideas, invite readers to an exciting journey of simplified information by processing visually appealing versions of the message you want to convey.

Employ attractive infographics, creative charts and custom symbols to create content that will compel your audience to come back looking for more.

4. Build and strengthen your brand identity

Your brand is your identity. It is the story that tells your audience why they should prefer your products or services over those of your competitors. It is the backbone of your business and as such, your designs should clearly convey your company’s values at a glance. Focus on building a strong brand identity that will make right users find you. Using illustrations is a great way to achieve this. 

5. Present a carefully crafted product

Excellence is the key to success when it comes to business. Communicate your brand in a way that wows new and returning customers. The use of carefully crafted professional designs is a great way to achieve this. Offer excellent user experience to your customers by using illustrations that will communicate your brand precisely.

6. Solve communication problems

While communication plays an important role in determining the success of your business, becoming an effective communicator can be a daunting task. Different people have different reading habits. A majority of your audience will scheme through your content and skip sections they find repetitive. You can employ smart tactics to solve this challenge by using illustrations in your designs.

7. Attract viewers’ attention

In a society focused on fads and memes, capturing user attention can prove to be difficult. If your designs can’t grab user’s attention, then it’s high time you rethink your design strategy. Remember you are not just pushing ahead of your competition. You need to generate leads too. That’s why you need to make use of creatively designed visuals to communicate your message. Use illustrations that will demand little or no explanation to communicate what your brand stands for.


This is pretty obvious. Using illustrations to communicate your brand will ensure your brand is reaches a wider audience. You will achieve a better user engagement and a strong brand identity. There are many styles to choose from. Use illustrations to create beautiful imagery for your products.