New iPhone models always arrive with much anticipation. Only video consoles seem to compare when it comes to queues of excited customers waiting to get their hands on the latest upgrade. As well as being a coveted mobile, they are also a fashion accessory.

Many iPhone devotees eagerly await its release not just to upgrade their camera quality, but also improve their perceived social ranking. If you’ve got your eyes on this newer, allegedly more affordable model, then here is what you need to know.

It’s affordable, but always look after it

If you go straight to the Genius Bar for a repair, you will be adding extra cost to your mobile. Screen fracture is incredibly common, and unfortunately, newer upgrades aren’t any less prone to shattering after a clumsy drop to the floor. The cost of an iPhone 11 screen repair will set you back a whopping £196.44 – not ideal if you purchased this variety for its affordability. Investing in a sturdy screen protector and phone case could help protect your iPhone from any unfortunate instances of impact. Companies such as Bodyguardz specialize in creating phone cases that are made for protection, not just aesthetic appearance.

Screen and battery life

You may be wondering how Apple has managed to keep the costs down on their new iPhone model. The answer is, in part, the screen display. This model opts for LED instead of OLED; which is far more expensive. You won’t need to worry though, as this is still a crystal clear display. This less technologically advanced model of screen display also means that is preserves battery life far more effectively; perfect for anyone who has a tendency to drain the phone by using apps all day.

Better quality videos

Those who use their iPhone for Instagram photos and videos will not be disappointed by the new camera and video capabilities on this model. You will benefit from two camera sensors; one normal and one wide-angle camera. Apple has stated that this will provide users with the best quality videos yet. This is perfect for anyone who relies on their phone for media production more than a DSLR, say. However, the way that these cameras have been mounted on the phone has been the subject of some discussion. While other phone models have the cameras built-in to be flush with the back of the phone, the iPhone has a little rectangular bump to house the lenses. This has caused annoyance to some users, while others have been completely indifferent. However, if you want high image quality with affordability, this could be the ideal phone for you.

If you have been drawn to the iPhone 11 because of its price, it’s worth noting that UK customers will get a raw deal in price; the cost conversion has not worked in British customers’ favor. However, if you want an iPhone that offers high-quality images with decent battery life, then this could be the phone for you. Whether you mind the camera lens mount on the back is just a matter of taste.