It is without prejudice that I mention emphatically that a large percentage of the existing population are usually super busy, so busy that it becomes very difficult to squeeze time to attend to the most unplanned or least anticipated event or occasion.

These established facts mean that if you expect people to grace your occasions like wedding, birthday, graduation and many more, it is important that you come up with an amazingly unique ‘Save-The-Date’ photo-shoot. While pre-wedding photo-shoots are in an increasingly high demand and given most preference, coming up with an ideal ‘save-the-date-template’ gives it just the adequate amount of spice.

Many guests love to anticipate the procedure of events at your wedding party and in most cases, these expectations cannot be shaped or raised by mere pre-wedding photo-shoots. Save-the-date cards come with numerous, precise and aesthetic designs channeled at adding more color to the expectations raised in people’s minds regarding your wedding.


  • Publicity

Save-the-date cards function effectively as invitation cards to announce your wedding both directly and via social media. It gives all the details anyone needs as regards the impending wedding.

  • Theme awareness:

As earlier buttressed, the type of theme you propose for your wedding are best conveyed to your guests via save-the-date cards. Our Photo whoa PSD templates for wedding photographers come with a number of varieties of designs that can each be easily modified to suit the theme you intend for your wedding. The ability to effectively convey the theme of your wedding using save-the-date-cards automatically gives your wedding a feel of uniformity whether your intended theme is contemporary or traditional.

  • Show-off   

As about to wed couples, there is an enthusiasm and a childish exuberance to want to show off your spouse to friends and family. For families and friends that have probably never meant your spouse, Save-the-date cards offer templates that allow you fit in your pre-wedding photos with all the glitz and glamour thereby creating a good impression about your spouse to friends and families through pictures.

  • Planning ahead

If you particularly have a long list of actively working and ever travelling people as guests, it is important that you create an awareness concerning your wedding as early as possible to enable them plan ahead and reschedule all their meetings in order to avail themselves. Sending save-the-date cards early enough helps in doing this very adequately.

PhotoWhoa PSD templates for Save The Date

You may have been wondering how to get the best Save-the-date cards for your use. Well, you need not look any further. These 5 PSD templates  are absolutely free. Amazing, right?

These PSD templates are a bundled package embedded with five amazingly unique templates that offers you just as many opportunities and variations to making your own save-the-date-card. These templates come in various designs and glamour giving the best aesthetic effects.

In addition, these save-the-date templates not only offer you a space to place your pre-wedding photos as initially emphasized, but also have a front and back template design that allows you to input vital information related to your wedding such as the couple’s names, the venue and the time and date.

  • First template:

This template has a silver colored front appearance with all the vital information written in an eggshell like font style with your desired font size. The back is primarily for aesthetics with little or no information and it is pink colored with a hexagonal geometric design repeatedly.

  • Second template:        

This template has a front design sectioned into two. The upper half is silver colored while the bottom half has a pale orange color outlook. The vital information is written in a peculiar white and orange font style starting from the middle of the page straight down. The back has a striped pattern of two tone of orange. More significantly, there is an engraved watermark design particularly to indicate the initials for the couples to be.

  • Third template:    

For this template, the front page is rather the simplest of all the templates with a full black color with no design apart from a ‘love’ inscription boldly written in large letters at the bottom. The back page has both black and orange color. The top third has a rather rustic type of orange color. The middle section is plainly black with no design while the bottom is the same color as the top third.

  • Fourth template:

Great and ardent fans of Marvel movies with particularly like this template. The front page has a deep black background like the cape of batman. At the point of interception of these lines is a white box with the names of the couples to be in black lettering. The back has a white background coupled with red border.

  • Fifth template:

This template has an all-black simple background with the vital information restricted to the top half with silver lettering. The back has a turquoise background, it also has a black colored rectangle at the center with an inscription of ‘TRUE LOVE’ written boldly beneath it.

So, hit your wedding with any of these templates and be sure to have the most exciting the wedding you have ever experienced. Download them now.