In its simplest form, logos are symbols designed with texts and images that represent a business. They help us identify brands we like. But that’s not all. We have dug deeper than that. Forgetting design trends and fancy typography, a great logo at its core should:

  1. Be timeless
  2. Be versatile
  3. Be recognizable at a glance
  4. Embody your brand

Everything else is optional.

As a matter of fact, let’s take it a little deeper. The designs you choose for your logo should focus on strengthening the four elements listed above. If you get these four basic requirements, all other commonly cited must-have design elements like memorability and simplicity will flow naturally  

Any logo that stands in the way of accomplishing these four design goals should be kept at bay. Let’s face it! Not all trendy logos are similar. A great logo should boost your brand and help you in accomplishing your marketing goals.

That is to say poorly designed logos, or one that misrepresents your brand can gravely tarnish your business. Which is the reason why international brands like Uniliver, Uber, Dunkin;s Donuts and Weight Watchers rebrand every so often

In this article we discuss 7 logo design Trends to watch this year

1 – Minimalist Trend – Say More With Less

True to Leonardo Da Vinci’s words, – “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” The minimalist Logo trend strives to say more with less. In fact, it is the simplest of the logo designs that catch the attention of most customers. Simple designs are not only attractive but will also drive remarkable traffic towards your brand. They communicate your message simply and directly. The minimalist logo trend is practical and purpose driven at the same time.

2 – Traditional Emblems

Let’s face it. While there are designers who look to the future for inspiration to create great logo designs, others look to the past.

The traditions Emblems logo design trend borrows from centuries-old design strategies to make trendy logos. Part vintage and part pedigree, this trend is for business minded individuals who want to make new brands feel old and established. This trend is a smart sales strategy that suggests a brand’s authenticity to evoke the feeling of popularity and trustworthiness, even if it was launched a few days ago.

3 – Hand lettering logo trend

The hand lettering logo trend has been there for quite some time and looks like we’ll live with it for a little longer. This logo aims at providing a sense of customized and personalized bond that we badly crave in our hyper-virtual reality. Each letter in accurately crafted to create a distinctive style which resonates well with traditional calligraphy or the old sign paintings.

4 – Negative space

The negative space logo trend is one you need to keep a close eye on this year. And this is for a good reason. This trend has been around for decades and utilizes negative space in creative ways to design iconic logos. The FedEx logo is one of the most celebrated logo in this category. The arrow between the “E” and “x” is ingenious and accentuates that FedEx is about moving objects from one place to another.

Logos that utilize negative space are an interesting way to explore simplicity. Logos that make use of negative space to hide a text, shape or a symbol adds an element of surprise and sophistication.

5 – Contextual Logos

Contextual logos have been here with us for quite some time and the trend has gained remarkable popularity lately. Designers are taking this trend to the next level.

For starters, Contextual logos use different designs versions so that they fit where they are being displayed.  For instance, a smaller logo for mobile screens or wearables, a colorless logo for fliers and a simplified logo for printing on clothing material.

Nowadays, this trend is going even further, offering variants that are better optimized of many different uses whether on or offline. This trend offers a better maneuverability for marketers buy using logo designs that can be hand-tailored to cut through the noise and speak directly to any customer group

6 – Illusory Logos

On the heels of the Contextual logos, there’s a positive response towards logos with optic illusions. Think of this trend as the 70s psychedelic style redone in the digital era. This trend suggests that specifics are less important. Logos can have small distortions to make them stand out or simply blatant optical illusions. This trend leaves a lot of room for interpretation but as long as it looks cool and pushes the boundaries, it’ll no doubt suffice.

7 – Logotypes

Logotype trend gained a lot of popularity recently. This trend involves joining letters in the brand’s name to form a unified typographical unit. This trend is all about designing a unique logo design that’s as harmonized as possible. What’s more? This trend underscores flexibility and modularity themes in the designs too.  


To have a logo that feels relevant and incredible, you need to keep a keen eye on how logo design trends are evolving. The fact is trends do not only co-exist nowadays. They also form symbiotic relationships. While designers are coming up with more and more intriguing ways to experiment with logos, we’re excited to see what makes a lasting impact this year.