As an e-commerce business owner, you might not interact with your customers in person, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t strive to keep them happy.

By ensuring that they are as pleased with the level of service that you provide them, they will be sure to come back to your online store time and time again when they are in need of a product in your market.

Keeping your e-commerce store’s customers happy is never going to be easy, but it is very much achievable. Read on the find out how it can be achieved.

Request feedback from your customers

When seeking to gain a better understanding of what makes your customers happy, don’t be afraid to ask them. Request feedback from your customers so that you can gauge all of the ways your business is pleasing them. With this feedback at hand, you will then be able to make changes to your business model in your bid to ensure that you provide the highest level of service possible.

No longer do you have to send out extensive surveys or questionnaires in your bid to get some feedback. Today, thanks to the Smiley solution offered at, you will be able to receive in-depth and real-time feedback in seconds. By making this kind of solution available to them, your customers will have the simple task of choosing the facial expression that best represents how they feel about your e-commerce store. This means that they won’t be disturbed as they go about their daily Internet use, while you will still receive the feedback you need to improve your business.

Keep your buying process simple

Your customers aren’t going to spend too long on your website if they deem your buying process to be complicated. The consumers of today (especially those that belong to Generation Z) won’t be patient enough to endure a long-drawn-out searching and checkout process — they’ll want to be able to fill their shopping basket and checkout in ease.

If you want to avoid deterring your customers and sending them to your competitors’ sites, you have to find a way to keep your buying process simple. To find more information on the six stages of the consumer buying process, be sure to check out this helpful article.

Make additional support available

Going out of your way to offer additional support to your customers will show them that you aren’t just after their money. As a result, they’ll feel far more inclined to use your e-commerce store time and time again in the future.

To prove your worth in this instance, you should:

  • Provide a cash-back guarantee or refund service for when things go wrong
  • Keep your phone lines open 24/7
  • Make a chatbot or live chat service available on your website

If your e-commerce store is to generate a healthy income and retain a profitable bottom line, you must be doing all you can to keep your customers happy.