In digital marketing of any kind, we have two primary senses of the customer to work with: visual and, sometimes, aural. Even then, visual content dominates all forms of digital marketing, which isn’t actually a limitation.

Get the Basics Right First

You will eventually need to improve on your visual cues to be specifically appealing to the target audience, but those who are just starting out will need to only worry about getting the basics right. Some of the most important basics of aesthetic web design are as follows.

  • The theme should match the product/service/message.
  • The font should be clean and perfectly legible against the background.
  • Images should be of high quality and pixelated.
  • The theme and the very design of the site should be dynamic and fit in the window, irrespective of the OS.

The Visual Nature of Human Beings: It’s an Advantage for the Clever Digital Marketer

Humans make choices based on visual cues all the time because it’s in our nature to trust visual data. In light of that little piece of scientific evidence, does it even come as a surprise that the right web theme can be so powerful in making your marketing campaign successful?

Imagine visiting the Apple website to check out the latest iPhones and finding that they have started using Comic Sans as the web font. That would be a jarring and unexpected experience for obvious reasons. Will it appeal to Apple’s target audience in any possible way? Not right now, it won’t.

Instead, we expect the Apple sites to have rich, vivid images, a light background, and dark, bold fonts as that theme carries the brand’s very message of simplicity, clean design, and professionalism.

Does Geographical Location Affect Human Perception of Marketing Content and Web Themes?

It most certainly does. Our perception of aesthetics and visual appeal is shaped by certain fundamental human mindsets, but the society we live in also plays a huge role here. Even in the United States, some states vary quite widely in terms of what they find appealing on a website, in spite of belonging to the same target audience group.

For example, China is one of the biggest markets in the whole world, sometimes even eclipsing the US in terms of potential and current market value. And, if you plan to enter the Asian territory, you will need a local partner to help you devise your China marketing strategy and build a website that has the right theme as well as all the other visual cues that will appeal to the local, target audience. There is also the language gap to consider here, which is a visual cue as well.

If you get it wrong and the theme of your client’s or your own website doesn’t appeal to your target audience, it can also bring down the entire marketing campaign. It’s important to remember that, just like aesthetically suited and intelligently designed themes appeal to the customers, if the theme is ill-suited for the product, service, or brand you are promoting, they might come to dislike it instead.