Project managers often face problems and challenges when overseeing a project and a team. Especially if you are new in the role, developing the right strategies for a successful project is key to impressing clients, your team and your boss. These 5 strategies can aid in successful project management and can make the process much smoother.

Selecting the Right Team

To successfully complete any project, you need a great team behind you and the right number of people. It’s all too easy to add too many people to the team as you think this may get the project done faster. This is a mistake many project managers make when starting out. It can prove more difficult if you’re having to relay the same information to too many individuals. Look at the skill set of the team and who would work well in what role. It may take more work from each team member, but a well-chosen smaller team leads to less miscommunication and often, better results.

Develop SMART Goals

If you do not set goals for the team and yourself, it can be difficult to keep control of the overall project. SMART goals allow you to set realistic goals that enable you to know when to move onto the next part of the project. Nobody wants to seem lost within their own project, and this will not look good to your superiors. Look at each task as it’s being done and ensure the investment into the project is being used in a way which completes the SMART goals written out by you and your team.

Set Clear Responsibilities

It can be difficult to lose track of each team member’s responsibilities unless you make it clear and regularly check in. Keep notes on who is responsible for what and you will find the project runs much smoother. Speak to your team members often regarding their role and ensure they understand what exactly is expected of them.

Motivation is Key

During a difficult project, morale can begin to run low, and so a good project manager will be able to pick up on this and motivate their team to get back to their best frame of mind for the project. Rewarding them for completing tasks or completing a task well will make their hard work seem worth it. This can be simply replying with what a great job they have done via email, or you may want to treat the team to breakfast.

Utilize the Right Business Tools

Using the right business tools can make project management easy. Project management software is something your business should certainly be using. This allows the team to have everything they need in one program, eliminating countless spreadsheets and documents, making the project much easier to run and handle. The Digital Project Manager has compiled a list of the 10 best project management programs reviewing factors such as usability, value for money and features and functions.

If you want to run a successful project, following these 5 strategies will help you to do so.