While digital marketing and web development may seem to be related on the surface, both are completely different disciplines and require a different set of skills. However, both complement each other very well, and a web developer with a solid digital marketing background will see web development in a very different way.

They’ll be able to build sites with customer intent in mind, for instance, and be able to create better-performing websites for their clients. This is just one of the benefits of learning how to master online marketing for web developers. But it doesn’t stop there. Here are some of the reasons why every web developer should learn digital marketing.

You’ll be in Higher Demand

When you understand how to create beautiful sites that convert well, as well as know-how to draw an audience, you’ll become an invaluable candidate for any firm. Clients and employers will be more inclined to consider you, and you’ll be able to enjoy more freelance gig opportunities. Not only that, but some clients may actually expect their web developers to know at least some marketing, so even if you’re the best developer in the world, they might actually doubt your expertise if you don’t.

Demand Higher Income

If you’re involved in any tech-related field, you can also use your skills to increase your company’s brand image and visibility and, therefore, command higher pay. This could also allow you to move into managerial positions and oversee development teams. You’ll be the perfect link between development, sales, and marketing, and make sure that all three work together. Not only that, but you could also decide to further specialize yourself and seek a data science degree or an MBA and be nearly unstoppable.

Develop Skills that Will Allow You to Branch Out

These two tools combined could be all that you need to launch a successful business. With these skills, you’ll have no problem running a business as a one-person army and won’t need to rely on temp workers or subcontractors as much.

You also won’t have to get swindled by so-called SEO and internet marketing experts out there. You’ll actually know what a marketing dashboard is and be able to create your own campaigns and monitor them. You’ll be able to tackle SEO from every front, whether it’s improving navigation, performance, or any other technical aspect that will affect user experience.

Or you might decide to become a consultant and travel the world. This type of skill set remains in very high demand across all industries and being able to offer holistic solutions to your clients will quickly allow you to make a name and get attention. If you’re great at both, then the sky’s the limit.


If you’re a web developer and don’t have a solid formation as a marketer, you’re cheating yourself out of opportunities, greater pay, and better options. Don’t limit yourself or get intimidated, and at least learn some of the fundamentals so you’ll have a well-rounded set of skills that will make you highly marketable as a candidate.