Work smarter, not harder seems to have become the universal mantra for business in today’s society. Everyone wants to do more with less, and while this is completely understandable, finding the right way to do so, isn’t always easy.

Everybody wants you to buy their service or software; that’s how they make their money after all. However,  just because something looks like a good idea on the surface, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is. Luckily, we did the hunting so you don’t have to. Read on to discover four efficiency boosting office technologies that can save your business time, money and stress:

Log It

The best place to start when trying to level up your workflow to know where your time is actually going. That’s why time clocks can be an indispensable tool for businesses with large or flexible workforces. Basic models can tell you how long you and your employees spend in the office (or at your desk) during the day, while more sophisticated units can let you know how active you are on your computer. This will make it easier to track when you’re most productive and allow you to tailor your schedule accordingly, as well as helping you understand where you could make improvements.

Talk It Out

Knowing when you’re most efficient is great but being able to communicate more effectively during that time is even better. Unified communications systems assist with this by allowing you to seamlessly integrate and shift between channels. This means that the data you need to view or share can be accessed far more easily than previously, providing a further boost to productivity.

Send It Off

Now that everything is sorted internally, it’s time to streamline your outbound processing. Freight management software is a great help with this since it simplifies the whole process to the point where even those who haven’t dealt with the warehouse, logistics and shipping side of the business before should be able to easily pick things up if they ever need to. This also benefits those who regularly deal with booking and shipping as it leaves them far more time to do other things. Most software systems allow you to seamlessly integrate with external logistics networks, giving even small companies access to the same freight resources as the largest corporations.

Face of the Company

Finally, we want to touch on your presentation. While this tip isn’t exactly a technology, you can manage it from the palm of your hand. Dealing with finding and maintaining a professional office space can be a major drain on your resources. Nevertheless, most organizations see it as a necessary evil in the name of keeping up appearances. While this may have been the case in the past, the rise of serviced and virtual offices has taken most, if not all, of the hassle out of finding the perfect place. Hooking your business up with an exceptional provider can land you premium frontage without all the financial and time management worries that generally come with owning or leasing your own premises. Most providers offer a reception service meaning that wasting your effort dealing with tire kickers will soon be just a distant memory.

The more efficiently things run, the better it is for you, your business and your employees. No-one wants to waste their time doing things that can be dealt with in far more efficient ways. By implementing these technologies, everyone wins. Do your research, use what works for you, and watch your bottom line grow.