As technology and society advance, the traditional way of doing things can’t always compete. Sticking to tried and true methods certainly work in some situations, but to stay at the cutting edge of business, your company needs to embrace new innovation and keep up with the times.

While it’s not always easy to know what will benefit you and what will end up draining your resources, the following four options can help almost anyone’s bottom line:

Location, Location, Location

Ever wondered why you pay such high rent for your run-of-the-mill office space? You may argue that it’s worth it for the prime location. While that’s certainly important for making a good impression on prospective clients and partners, the cost/benefit analysis doesn’t always stack up. This is where our first innovation really shines: Serviced offices are essentially prime real estate without the crazy price tag, since they’re generally shared among multiple companies. A quality serviced office will provide your company with all the benefits of a premium address with your name on the door, a professional atmosphere and receptionist and business support servies at a drastically reduced cost.

Talk to Me

Now you’ve dropped your real estate costs, you can put that extra cash in other parts of your business to make them work harder for you. A great way to do this is by implementing a cloud-based unified communications system. In simple terms, this brings all your communications channels onto one consolidated platform that allows them to integrate more cohesively. This means less time and money wasted on attempting to get everyone on the same page.

Cloud Computing

Likewise, the rise of the cloud is not something to be ignored. Think about what the capacity to collaborate in real time, easily share documents, and work from pretty much anywhere could do for your team. Utilising the cloud is also great for protecting and backing up your data and since providers place their whole livelihood in the security and effectiveness of the software, you can generally trust that it’s safe. The power of the cloud is almost without limit and can be harnessed by implementing everything from automated accounting systems, through to cloud-based freight management software.

Locking it down

Speaking of security, IT is constantly advancing so if you can’t afford a full in-house tech team, or would just rather use the required resources elsewhere, consider outsourcing business IT support for your business. You’ll free up the rest of your team to focus on their primary tasks, rather than wrestling with technology. Having a company dedicated to managing these services for you ensures that you’ll stay at the cutting edge in this sector.

Perfect Promos

Lastly, it’s crucial to remember that fostering close, trusting relationships with clients is the surest way to earn their loyalty. While this concept is far from revolutionary, the same old strategies that worked ten years ago, come across as tacky and old hat in the current climate. Instead of just pushing out the same tired swag you’ve been handing out for years, find something new and inventive to slap your logo on. The industry is advancing all the time and new innovations mean that far more items can be branded and used as promotional goods these days. Make sure your offerings align with your brand as well as your customers’ needs and you’ll have the perfect new freebies that will never be called boring.

Whether you choose to utilise these innovations is up to you. However, they’ll certainly benefit almost any business. Do your research, find the right fit, and watch your bottom line grow.