Today, most of the websites we see on the web are powered by WordPress. This amazing platform has helped millions of novices to create eye-pleasing websites without any need to use web coding. If you want to create a professional, SEO-friendly and high-performance WordPress website, you must look for the best hosting for WordPress site that can fulfill all your website’s needs.

However, the important question is how to pick a web host that’s the best for your website?

Well, there are a number of parameters that play role in it. In this post, we will disclose those parameters and help you find the best WordPress hosting partner.

WordPress is the leading open-source content management system that powers 31% of the internet. But every user has different goals from WordPress. Therefore, advising a single hosting solution for all types of WP sites will be unfair. Since every scenario is different, the very first thing that you need to do is addressing your needs.

Here are a few questions that can help you determine your hosting requirements.

  • What type of website you have? For example, a blog, regular company website, e-commerce, etc.
  • How much do you expect it will grow in the coming months (in terms of traffic and data).
  • How scalable hosting service you need? Actually, the answer to this question depends on the previous question.
  • How much customer support do you need?
  • The last but not the least, how much budget you have allocated for hosting solutions.

These are a few of the questions that you should answer before starting your search for a good hosting solution for your WP site.      

Features that You Must Look Out For in Your WordPress Host

Customer Support

How much hand-holding you will need depends majorly on your familiarity with technical stuff like WordPress installations, creating backups, and installing security plugins. Nevertheless, even if you are skillful, you may fall into the situation where you need a quick customer support.

Therefore, you should look for a WordPress host that ensures their services function exactly as advertised. Most of the WordPress hosting providers offer support via telephone, chat, emails, and forums. Remember, the best customer support service is the one that is given at a moment. So, choose a provider that has the quickest turnaround time.


It is important to see whether or not your prospective hosting provider has invested in good hardware. Things like RAM, Disk space, bandwidth play a big role in the performance of your WP website. And the usage of CPU and RAM depends on the number of visitors visiting your site. Always make sure that your hosting plan has enough resources to handle your website traffic. They must have SSD-based servers that ensure a quick response.

You can check how much disk space you use and how much load you have put in on your server’s CPU from the dashboard of your hosting provider.


For those newbies who don’t know, uptime is a measure of the time a website is available for the audience. An ideal uptime would be 100%. However, in the practical world, it is quite difficult to achieve as every server needs to be shut down for update and maintenance purposes.

There are a few WordPress hosting providers that claim to offer 99% uptime. Now the question is, how will you come to know if the provider is offering what they claim. Fortunately, there are a few handy tools available that can help you find that and that are:

  • Uptime Robot
  • Server Density
  • Pingdom

What Other Features You Should look in a Good WordPress Host

Caching- There are many WordPress hosting companies that offer in-house caching to increase the speed of your site. This caching should on both on the server side and the client’s end.

Easy to use Control Panel– It is something you should be interested in if you really want to take control over files, DNS management. Installation, etc.

Backup and Security- There is a good chance that your website can get hacked and you can lose all your data if your hosting provider does not take enough security measures. See if your WP hosting provider offers enough security features to protect your site against different types of security threats or not. Moreover, the host provider should also create a full backup of your site.

Types of WordPress Hosting Options You have

Primarily, there are 4 types of hosting services that you can use to run your WordPress site.

Shared Hosting – The cheapest form of hosting is ideal for small websites with less traffic.

Virtual Private Server Hosting – You are given a complete virtual private server and you pay for the resources you utilize.

Dedicated Hosting – With this type of hosting, you get a huge disk space, processing power, memory power at your disposal. The hosting is ideal for high-traffic and resource-heavy websites.

Managed Hosting – It is one of the best WordPress hosting options for non-tech savvy users because the technical stuff is taken care of by the provider itself.


On the whole, we would advise you to go for WordPress hosting service considering your specific needs. We hope this post gave you a brief idea about what you should look in a WordPress host.