Are you bored of the typical ads you keep running? Sick of the same old promotional strategy? Brilliant! Boredom is an essential ingredient in innovation. If you’re bored, you’re halfway to success; you just need to fuel your journey with a healthy dollop of creativity. These four essential marketing tips are designed to lead you outside of the typical thought-trains to grow your brand:

1. Events and Trade Shows

The best promotional strategy will fail to convert strangers into clients if you are promoting your business to the wrong target market. This is where events and trade shows make a meaningful impact; they’re industry-specific, the event organizers have done the heavy lifting in terms of marketing, and you have a wealth of relevant potential buyers all in one place. Attract attention to your stand with fabric banners, teardrop banners or media walls. There are many industry-professionals who get enough business from the leads gathered at a single trade show, to give the company a few months’ worth of work. 

2. Charity Work

The fastest way to build a positive reputation within your community is to get involved with charities that need assistance. Look for causes in need of your services. It gives you a chance to showcase your skills and play the hero role. While you’re getting involved, connect with other sponsors who are also assisting. Many long-term business relationships started with a mutual interest in bettering the world. Just remember, you’re in it to help others. Anything you get back is a bonus

3. Power Packs in Business

Wouldn’t you love to tap into someone else’s client base? Some business niches typically refer valuable clients to each other, as a form of referral marketing. It works like this: a website developer may frequently have hot leads for a graphic designer, or local SEO agency. In fact, it can be highly profitable for two companies operating within the same industry, to offer each other’s clients special deals. For example, the graphic designer may offer a discount to anyone who is referred to him via the web developer. Explore potential networks with complementary businesses in your field, and you may hit a rich vein of new business opportunities.

4. Community Care

Over and above charity work, profitable endeavors with the local community, like schools and colleges, will affirm your brand’s local presence. Offer internship programs and work shadow opportunities for learners. Offer to visit the school and speak about your business, to give students insight into the real working world and into your industry. Schools are enthusiastic and ready to work alongside companies to equip children with work readiness over and above simply meeting the requirements of the curriculum. 

5. Build Your Brand

In today’s world, your brand is your organisation’s lifeblood. Consumers love to associate themselves with brands that are considered chic or that make a statement. It’s worth investing heavily in brand development that speaks to your target market and communicates your core values. Once you’ve settled on your brand, be sure to splash it around as much as possible. Executing a savvy social media strategy, liberally distributing branded promotional products, participating in targeted networking events and meetups are all effective ways to infiltrate the social zeitgeist.

Find Your Creative Path and Grow Your Business

These essential marketing tips are designed to lead your mind in a creative direction. It’s not to say the usual content marketing, social media marketing, and advertising efforts are not absolutely essential. They truly are. These pointers are designed to complement them and lead you to success through creativity.