The most important part of your business is growing your customer number and base. Let’s face it, without our customers, we simply won’t make any sales, affecting our bottom line and, in some cases, the likelihood of your business staying open. In today’s ever-changing market, however, it can be extremely challenging to find new ways to reach your customer base. In this article, we discuss several very effective techniques used by businesses across the globe to help them grow their customers and increase sales.

Build an eye-catching website

In the past, many businesses were brick and mortar physical stores. This meant that the most common method used to attract customers was using traditional marketing, such as billboards, radio and TV adverts. In today’s digital world, the vast majority of people use technology and the internet nearly continously every day.

Ensuring that you have an excellent website, created by a team that specializes in web application development allows customers to engage with you more easily. When creating the website, it is essential that you understand the needs of your customers and what will attract them towards your business.

Roughly 92% of visitors to your website are still shopping around, and your website will probably be the first interaction that a customer has with your business. This means your website will probably be the deciding factor on which your customers decide to purchase from you. A hard to navigate, lackluster website can mean that you lose many potential customers.

Use social media

79% of Americans currently have a social media profile. What this means is that a large section of your target market can be easily reached if you utilize these platforms. It allows you to see trends within your target audience, and improve your product in comparison to competitors.

Additionally, you can interact with your target market by answering questions and posting visual content of your company and products. Facebook and Instagram ads also can be a cost-effective method of marketing your products to relevant demographic segments.

Create an engaging blog

Most marketers believe that the best way to encourage customer interactions is to have a well-formed, regularly updated blog. It can help inform readers and drive traffic towards your website, which can then be converted into leads. Roughly 81% of shoppers research their products and price online before committing to buying it. They will look at things such as reviews and recommendations from other buyers. Creating a blog that helps them to do this not only helps improve your brand image but also increases your customer base.

Use analytics to conduct market research

It is estimated that, by 2020, the data analytics markets will be worth $200 billion annually. These figures help demonstrate the use of analytics to allow you to gauge how your audience interacts with your business. Data can help you see how many pages views you are getting in the day, where these page views are originating from and who is visiting your businesses website.

It also allows you to create future plans for releasing products and scaling the growth of your business.