You’ve spent countless hours setting up your start-up and you’re sure that you have a product or service that people will love. However, you may run into a common problem of people not being aware of your company.

If this is the case, you will struggle to gain traction. If you don’t have funding, you should be well aware how to market on a budget beyond Google AdSense and online banner advertising. Try these strategies to help your company stand out from the crowd.

Be as focused as possible

IT’s a fairly good rule of thumb to be highly specialized when conducting your business, and this is true with your marketing strategy. You should build your credibility by isolating niches that you can fulfill and then focus your strategy around them. Create a company culture that offers support to those operating in the niches that you identify and offer laymen detailed information. Ideally, make this standalone or run it alongside your product or service and help them in their quest for a solution to their problems. You can do this with free blogs, webinars, podcasts, as well as speaking at niche events to listeners that can understand your high level of detail. You can also demonstrate your expertise via forums – think Quora or Reddit, but make sure you keep your efforts up consistently. It can look highly amateur if you try hard for a few weeks and then give up. Any user that sees an account that used to be active is no longer, can assume at best that the company is a little unprofessional and at worst out of business.

Make sure you know your SEO

As part of a good SEO strategy, your website should have good original content that can provide value for your visitors. However, content that you worked hard to produce will be compiled in vain if there is nobody drawn to your website to view it. Every post you publish should be keyword-researched, which you can do with Google’s free keyword planning tool. You can use hyper-targeted keywords to help you acquire a regular audience, and the more niche you are with your keywords the better. However, SEO is a difficult beast to tame, and even if you’re not in the financial position to hire an SEO professional, it’s highly recommended that you at least make the most of digital advertising courses that can help you learn how to run and maintain a DIY digital advertising and marketing campaign.

You should implement a mixture of bright and exciting marketing ideas and old standards like coupons and special offers. You should know exactly who you’re selling to by developing and investigating brand personas for your products and services and then think of interesting ways to approach them. Take the concept of guerrilla marketing strategy as inspiration. If you can think of any equivalents, you should implement them at the same time as a more general multi-media approach across channels. The aim is to make sure that your brand is on a customer’s mind, and the best way to do this is to tackle them through every angle you can.