With the pervasiveness of tech in this day and age, many people are developing an interest in this field. This could because of their fascination with the details of modern day technology or its ability to positively disrupt the average persons’ life. Nevertheless, there is something that can be done with your interest in tech, such as pursuing a career. You should spend your days doing something you enjoy if you have the opportunity to do so. For those in need of ideas regarding what career paths they could follow, here are some career choices for tech lovers below.

1.) Software Architect

One skill that is sought after in this digital age is the ability to put together and customize software. This is because of the wonders that software is doing in the lives of everyday people as well as large and small organizations alike. Deciding to pursue such a tech career could earn you a median salary of $130,000 which is far above average. You’d most likely be working in an enterprise designing large and complex software applications, or you could decide to do freelance work if that’s what you’d prefer.

Some common characteristics of a software architect are someone who is a technical leader and understands the software development process. Also, they should have design and programming skills as well as knowledge of the business domain.

2.) Business Analyst

Another tech-related career path you could take is becoming a business analyst. If you enjoy helping businesses develop and grow, this is a great place to apply your tech skills. As a business analyst, you’d be designing or modifying business or IT systems. In terms of what you’d be doing on a daily basis, more than likely you’d be liaising with stakeholders and subject matter experts in order to understand their problems and needs.

To become a business analyst, improve your problem solving and data analysis skills. While many analysts have a technical background in computer programming or software engineering, it isn’t a prerequisite. You could decide to get a recognized certification of your skills from a professional body seeing as that’s often something employers look for as well. Once you’ve done this, you can begin looking for suitable work.

3.) Electrical Engineering

For those who enjoy technical work, electrical engineering could prove to be an excellent career choice. In case you’ve heard of an electrical engineer but don’t know exactly what they do, for the most part, they could do anything from developing electrical systems to helping with power generation. There is a range of career paths that they could take with expertise in this area. For one, they could go into manufacturing where they would work as a system designer or manufacturing engineer and oversee the design of electronic systems.

Another alternative route would be to become a digital signal processing engineer. They create systems that enhance signals, analog, or digital. Whatever the case, to become an electrical engineer, you’re going to need a sufficient amount of education.

You should earn a bachelor’s degree, pass the fundamentals of engineering exam and then look for work. You could also get a master of science in electrical engineering to enhance your credentials and knowledge as well.

4.)  Database Administrator

An additional career path you could take as a tech lover is becoming a database administrator. They earn a median salary of $95.750-$142,750 which is a relatively decent amount. In terms of what they do, database administrators use specialized software to both store and organize data like financial information or customer shipping records, for example. In sum, they maintain data integrity which is crucial in a time where data is a valuable tool that contributes to business success.

If you want to become a database administrator, you’ll need to earn a bachelor’s degree and then get experience so you can work your way up. Seeing as a degree in IT is a requirement for most IT jobs, perhaps you should begin there. You should know that there’s a demand for database administrators, so if you’re good at what you do, success is just a few steps away.

5.) Mobile Developer

Mobile is becoming far more accessible to people globally, and this creates a significant opportunity for businesses everywhere. In light of this, many are migrating their marketing efforts to mobile as that’s where people seemingly spend most of their time. If you have a thing for tech and mobile, becoming a mobile developer may be a good career choice to make.

Regarding what mobile developers do on a daily basis, their days will likely consist of developing or writing mobile apps. To become a mobile developer, it’s advisable that you start by choosing one major platform what you want to develop apps on whether it be Android, Windows or iOS.

You may decide that you want to become a freelance mobile app developer or work for a company of your choice instead. However, if you choose the freelancer route, think about how you can earn from your app every month to ensure that it’s the most profitable route for you.

6.) Data Scientist

As mentioned above briefly, data is becoming increasingly important to organizations that are interested in experiencing data-driven growth. Having said that, as a data scientist you’d be responsible for analyzing the data as a way of finding business insights. You could earn a median salary of over $16,000, and of course, there would be prospects of earning more as you grow.

There is a range of degrees that you could get to follow this particular path which includes one in mathematics, physics, IT, computer science or any other related field. To get a job you’ll love as a data scientist, a few essential skills that you’re going to need include computing, statistics, math as well as analytics.

Deciding to pursue a tech career is a great decision in this day and age. You are presently in times where technology is rapidly developing so the need for such skills is in high demand. The goal should be to continuously update your knowledge and move with the times.