New ecommerce websites have a lot of work ahead of them. Without a strong and reputable brand name you need to work hard to convince new customers that it is safe to buy online from you, and that’s just the first step.

You need to create a beautiful, innovative, and easy to use experience that will secure you a soft sale, if not a hard sale.

To create an ecommerce site that entices customers back again and again, and becomes a destination that people trust, you will need to ensure that your website has seven top characteristics before you launch.

Hire A Top Web Designer

Though there are seven top characteristics that you want your website to have, the implementation and exact look will vary depending on your brand and industry. Regardless of what you sell, you are going to want to have a professional take the helm. Investing in web design services is one of the best investments you can make, especially as many of the characteristics you need relate to website performance more than just aesthetics.

Innovative Design Concept

Get creative and work with your design team to come up with a unique and thoughtful experience for your customers.

Solid and Easy to Use Interface

When coming up with innovative experiences it can be easy to get ahead of yourself. Always check in with others to ensure it is easy to use and simple to understand at every step.

The Top Seven Characteristics for an E Commerce Website

Without further ado, when you work to design the concept of your site remember that it needs to have:

1. Mobile-First Design

Google has shifted its priorities so that it now will showcase results that are designed to be mobile first. In other words, having a responsive design alone is not enough. You need your website to be optimized and designed as if your customers are accessing your site on their phones, because they are. 72.6% of internet users are estimated to use their mobile phones by 2025, and if your website cannot be seamlessly used on small devices you will fail.

Design with mobile in mind and you will be ready for the future.

2. A Standout Homepage

When you invest in PPC or other marketing you want your message to be in line with your home page. You also want your home page to be attractive, easy to navigate, and encourage further exploration throughout your website. Without this you won’t get an accurate understanding of user activity, and instead have a high bounce rate.

3. Easy to Use Navigation

Make it easy to find information, and add plenty of internal links to your website.

4. Optimized Content

Have all content optimized for SEO.

5. Great Aesthetics

Choose high quality photos, but don’t cut corners with stock photography. Use photos of your own store, your own staff, and your own products or services.

6. Speed and Security

Increase site speed as much as possible by using a top web host.

7. Security

Make customers feel save providing their information and paying for products or services online by investing in top security protocols and end-to-end encryption.