For a modern-day business, there is nothing more important than the company website. This is how you portray your brand to the world and how you persuade people to use your company over the competition. What this means, however, is that your site needs to be of the highest quality and a good representation of your brand. The company website is often the first point of contact with your target audience, and you do not have long to make an impact. So, how do you go about designing a high-quality business website? There are a few key features that you will need to focus on in order to find success.

Domain Name

First, you need to have a memorable and easy to spell domain name. Ideally, this will be as close to your company name as possible for consistency and to make you easier to find. You should always get domain name from an experienced host for easy management.


You must have a reliable host for the website. It will help to keep the site fast, secure and responsive at all times. Using a reliable host also ensures that any issues can be quickly resolved quickly to keep your website active and useable for longer.


The website must be easy to navigate with a clear layout so that people can easily reach each page to find what they are looking for. It can be frustrating to use a site which is not clear or if it is not straightforward to reach specific pages, so make this a priority during the design stage. Most business sites will have multiple pages containing key information; these are usually products/services, about, contact and a blog.


It is said that you have just 3 seconds to persuade a visitor to stay on the page which means that you need to make an instant impact on the landing page. You can do this through eye-catching imagery, bold language (such as a call to action), color, animation, etc. All content must be well-crafted and free from any grammatical errors. Using a professional copywriter is a smart move to achieve this.


The website needs to serve a purpose which must be clear from the landing page. You need to persuade the visitor to purchase your products or use your services, and it needs to be clear why they should do this on the home page. Using social proof in the form of previous customer reviews/testimonials is also important and an excellent way to show value.

The business website is how you persuade a visitor to become a customer. This makes it an incredibly valuable asset for any modern day business. Yet many companies do not take the time to design a high-quality, attractive and valuable website which could hold them back. The above are the main aspects that you must keep in mind when designing a business website and should help you to attract more customer and boost your sales.