Technology may be intimidating when you look at its bare bones. However, when it is presented to you well-clad in the form of user-friendly applications, it can be a dream come true.

A large portion of our daily grind involves small, repetitive tasks that are largely meaningless (but still crucial). These details, once automated through the use of technology, free up a large portion of time available for revenue-generating tasks that will move the business forward. These four user-friendly technology essentials will improve the way you do business, forever:

1. Managed IT Services

Managed IT services is a specialized area that is often shrouded in mystery. This is because managed services providers (MSPs) are able to cover an exceptionally wide range of functions related to IT or business management. It works like this: A business and the provider would agree on a set monthly fee for a specific set of ongoing tasks related to business IT support. By outsourcing crucial functions such as these, SMEs are able to reduce their headcounts and divert expenditure from payroll to more creative or productive tasks. This ensures that a greater proportion of resources are directed to new innovations that help to drive the business forward, or branch into new areas. Hello, new frontiers!

2. Cyber Security

Cyber security is not the exclusive realm of large corporations and financial institutions. It is an indispensable function for any business that makes use of client information, online systems, or data storage of any kind. Cyber security protocols should deter hackers as well as protecting your company from human error and system failures. Why is it so important? 55% of small businesses who have had a cyber security breach have gone out of business in the months that follow. Along with cyber security, consider cyber insurance to keep you afloat and cover any liabilities that arise as a result of a cyber attack or software failure.

3. Internal Collaboration Tools

The office environment is changing. Business owners are recognizing the value in team building for better collaboration – and we’re talking about a token, once-off team-building activity here. An efficient team is the result of working together and communicating well on a day-to-day basis. Internal collaboration tools make communication easier, which can simplify workflows and improve your processes. What is the value here? Better productivity. Numerous team communication tools have emerged in recent years that have radically streamlined the way team members collaborate. These incredible applications work like sophisticated instant messaging apps that integrate effortlessly with your calendar, inbox, project management tools and other platforms.

4. Project Management Applications

Workflows and processes are like the blood circulation of your business. The lifecycle of a project should flow seamlessly between departments until it reaches completion. At this point, it is money in the bank. The faster and the better the quality of work, the more likely it is that your profit margin will inch its way a few digits in the right direction. Again, technology has proven the saviour, with a proliferation of project management applications that allow every member of the group to view the progress of any particular project from anywhere on any device. This ensures absolute accountability of each team member.

Automation is Your Friend

In each of these points, there is one commonality; they all simplify the way we do business and track our to-do lists. Automation through technology also eliminates a great deal of human error and it improves the way in which we can work together, often from opposite ends of the globe!