It is impossible to turn on the news without hearing all about the latest cybercrime that has taken place. Consumers are just as likely to be caught in the crosshairs of hackers working to gain secure records as they are to have their identities stolen by a small-town crook.

The reality is that almost everyone’s information is probably available for sale on the dark web, but that doesn’t mean that cybercrime is inevitable.

Cyber Crime is Not a Victimless Offense

Every person who has either had new car loans and credit cards taken out in their name, their computers hijacked by hackers, or even had their cryptocurrency stolen, is a victim of cybercrime. In some instances, all physical traces of the crimes themselves can be erased. Bank accounts are put back in the positive and credit files become scrubbed. At the same time, there is a huge emotional toll that comes as a result. In fact, some victims of cybercrimes are even accused of being criminals themselves. If this is the case in your situation, you can contact the legal experts at to discuss and learn what the most practical options are.

How You Can Digitally Protect Yourself  

Ever wonder exactly why firewalls were so important? Well, firewalls work to keep the wrong kind of malicious files from being put on your computer, but why? Why would anyone spend time and effort on creating a malicious file and attacking random people with it? For one, there is money on the line. In actuality, cybercrimes and more specifically, malware and ransomware related offenses are tied to hundreds of millions of dollars in ill-gotten revenues. It is safe to say that the people responsible for these types of malicious attacks are seriously motivated by the amounts of money they are making. So, you can better digitally protect yourself by setting up secure firewalls, using hard-to-guess passwords, and being mindful of what areas of the internet you access.

What the Average Person Stands to Lose

Whether you have multiples real estate holdings, a bank account flush with cash, a high credit rating, or a high salary, everything you have accomplished is at risk because of cybercrime. It doesn’t take a lot for hackers to at least attempt to drain bank accounts, transfer large sums of money or make fraudulent purchases with credit cards. If you have your defenses set up correctly, cyber criminals won’t be able to do much to you at all. Change your settings with your online banking accounts so that you immediately get alerted in case of suspicious behavior. If you have great credit, make sure you are signed up for a credit monitoring program.

Technology has evolved so that people are using the internet at continually increasing rates. You can find internet users in the library, on the subway, at the beach, and at work, school, and home. As a result, crime is becoming more common on the web. With internet shopping becoming more popular and online banking being the norm, you have to protect yourself from all of the cyber criminals on the loose.