Read this article to find out about 6 SEO tricks that most people are not aware of. These SEO tricks will provide you substantial benefits in the long run.

Here they are:

1. Sign up for a Google Plus Page

Many people think that Google Plus is not as effective as other social media platforms and is therefore not worthwhile. But you can gain an important SEO benefit with Google Plus.

You can link your Google Plus account with your company website. As a result, your image will appear next to your company name in Google search results.

As you know, a company with a face is much more likely to win the trust of customers. Use this trick to your advantage to gain more visitors.

2. Use Google Places

Google pays a lot of attention to local search and many people don’t know this fact. You can gain an SEO advantage over your competition by using this little known fact.

Fortunately, this trick works well even for those sites that do not have good rankings. Local results are given higher ranking than many other results. This is an important fact to remember.

You can improve your Google Places ranking by:

Gaining more positive reviews than your competitors and posting your address on different social media sites and your own website

3. Pay Attention to Your Internal Links

You need to focus on the links within your website, in addition to backlinks from other sites. You can start with a page on your website that shows poor performance.

You should direct more links towards this underperforming page from other pages on your website. Keep in mind that the page content should match the keywords and title.

4. Research Your Competitors and Gain Inspiration from them

Investigate why your competitors are performing well and learn something from their websites. This does not mean that you should copy their ideas – Google will penalize your website for it

Rather, you should gain inspiration from ideas that work and come up with your own modified version. A lot of new businesses think that they must do everything from scratch to be successful, but this is not true.

Of course, this is not a long-term strategy. 

5. Make Videos and Upload Them on YouTube

Google gives a lot of importance to YouTube videos, in addition to favoring local enterprises. You should make videos because they rank well even if your website does not have a high rank.

Tell your friends and family about your videos so that they view, comment and like them. This will increase the odds of success for your videos.

6. Help Google

If you assist Google then the search engine will reward you with a better ranking. Your main headings should have <H1> tags and your subheadings should have <H2> and <H3> tags.

The title and main heading should also contain your keywords.

SEO services are aware of many more tricks that can help your business.

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